Civil Engineering

Diploma in Civil Engineering (CE) is designed to develop young minds who understand the impact of their work on the progress of civilisation. The curriculum is designed to guarantee a certain breadth of knowledge of the civil engineering disciplines through a set of core areas like – designing, planning, construction, and maintenance of the infrastructure. Roads, bridges, buildings, dams, canals, water supply and numerous other facilities required advanced technologies for the rapid advancement of the society. The discipline Civil engineering is intimately associated with these constructional developments.

SETGOI takes care of young minds with strong foundation of problem solving capabilities, practical knowledge and theoretical orientation since last 10 years for the development of creative workforce to meet the requirements in industry.



Diploma in Civil Engineering (CE) – 3 Years

Year of Establishment:  2012

Present Approved Intake: Total: 240

1st Shift:  180

2nd Shift: 60



  1. Highway Engg. Lab.
  2. Concrete Technology Lab
  3. Soil Mechanics Lab.
  4. Solid Mechanics Lab
  5. Fluid Mechanics Lab
  6. Environment Lab
  7. Survey lab
  8. Material Testing Lab.
  9. Computer Lab.
  10. Building Drawing Lab.
  11. Geology Lab.

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